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Here's my top 3 lures for zander!

  • Dan Dragan

While discussing the preparation for our first competition together, Manu asked me if I would be interested to start sharing some crumbs of my small experience on Wallon waters.
Since I started fishing for predators, shads are always my first choice. Through the years
I passed from very cheap to very expensive lures, from European brands to Asian or American brands.
A friend that I am fishing with from time to time asked me if I managed to fish with all the types and colors of shads that I have in my gearbox. Of course, the answer was “NO” because I have a few favorite lures that I have confidence in.

Here is a list of my 3 favorites shads in the alphabetic order:

1. Art-Baits Ribbit 11 cm
A lure that I started using last year by pure chance and that surprised me from the first day. This shad saved me in a few days when the fish were strongly uncooperative and heavily fished. It will always be one of my top choice on two colors: chartreuse and whasabi.

  • @rt-Baits Ribbit

2. Bass Assassin Turbo Shad 4” – brown/green tail,silver, blue/silverflakes
I’ve been fishing this lure for the last 3 years with up’s and down’s regarding the
results. Due to the special shape of the body and over dimensioned tail, this lure is
wobbling sideways and having a wide tail tap.

  • bass assassin

3. Relax Kopyto 7 cm - chartereuse+ black on the back

One of the lures that I have in my bag all the time. For me, this lure fits to the say: desperate times ask for desperate measures. It will always be my “raincoat for bad weather”. The segmented body and large paddle tail ensures that they work efficiently at any speed. Smaller versions are deadly for perch and trout. Medium sizes are the best known zander lures whilst bigger versions are irresistible for pike.


Honorable mention:
 Keitech easy shiner – favorites colors: watermelon-yellow, lime, gold flash

My opinion is that there are colors that are working by moment of day, color of water or type of fishing. I am personally a big fan of dark natural colors for Ribbit and Easy Shiner, while on the Kopyto I always chose to use “chartreuse” and only in dark water or during night fishing.

My advice is to try a lure as much as you can to gain confidence in it. When you achieve a confidence in 5 lures, never forget them home from your gearbox. The rest of 999 lures that you are going to carry with you, will always represent an option that you will never use in 90% of cases.

  • Relax Kopyto
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