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De Norfin Sokken en Thermisch Ondergoed zijn weer verkrijgbaar!

The T4M Merino Heavy socks were designed for moderate activity use in rugged conditions where moisture and warmth are an issue. Merino Wool provides warmth while wicking moisture away from the foot. Knit with heavy cushioning all throughout the sock for warmth and a perfect fit within your boots that prevents irritation from the inner boot liner.

Perfect fit for comfort
Multiple Density
Resistance and Durability

Material: 70% Merino wool, 25% Nylon, 5% Elastane.


SKU: 3027
This functional thermal underwear is made of high – quality micro fleece and can be used as a base or second layer. The soft, pleasant fabric leads moisture away from your body and keeps you warm, ensuring comfort and high performance. We recommend to wear it as a base layer during low physical activity and to wear it as a second layer over thin thermal underwear when the activity level and sweating is high. The specially designed material is very breathable, and ensures enhanced protection from cold temperatures, and flawlessly regulates the core temperature of your body.

Soft and pleasant in wear
Secure zipper
Elastic waist
Flexible cuffs on the leg bottom
Material: NORfleece Micro (100% Polyester)

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